Orientation Programme of Pvt. Agri. Universities for Accreditation held by GHRU at ICAR, New Delhi.

GHRU, Saikheda had successfully organised an Orientation programme forAccreditation of Pvt Agriculture Universities at NASC Complex at ICAR, New Delhi in collaboration with Division of Education(ICAR) on 9th Feb. 2019. DDG (Agril. Education),Dr. N.S. Rathore, was the Chief Guest while Hon’ble Chancellor GHRU, Saikheda, (M.P.), Shri Sunil Raisoni presided over the function.

At the outset Shri Raisoni lauded the role of ICAR in development & achievements made by the Indian Agriculture. He highlighted the importance of quality education in furthering the cause of research & education. He also expressed his utmost concern towards present state of Agril.Education and stressed the need of accreditation of the Pvt.Agril. Universities so that they become competitive at global level, sooner than later.

In his inaugural address Hon’ble DDG (Edn.), Dr. N.S. Rathore gave an elaborative account of the state of Agriculture Education in the country today.He lauded the lead role of GHRU, Saikheda for voluntarily coming forward to organize this event. He highly appreciated the personal involvement of Shri. Sunil Raisoni, Chancellor and Dr.RajanWelukar, Vice-Chancellor, GHRU in making the programme so successfully. He said today India needs many more Agril. UGs & PGs to meet out the vast demandof heavily agriculture basedIndian Economy. On the contrary, we have 2-3 times more engineering pass outs, than the agril passouts. He opined thatwhile we march ahead in both Public and Pvt. Sectors we need to assure the quality of education, that promises employability and develop entrepreneurshipin the passouts. We can achieve these standards only when we have sufficient infrastructure, qualified faculty, well equipped laboratories, modular classrooms with necessary electronic facility and that in a class of students do not outnumber the stipulated strength. He expressed concern about the quality of knowledge, teaching standards, paucity of crop cafeteriaetcin some cases.He made a fervent appeal to the participantsby saying let us come together and plan for accreditation and try to satisfy laid down parameters to make the respective university eligible for accreditation.

Dr. K.P. Tripathi welcome the dignitaries on the dias and the participants. He opened the issue of accreditation and dealt with the salient aspects of entire process. Dr.RajanWelukar, Hon’ble V.C., GHRU, in his remarks brieflytouched upon the subject. He likened the accreditation with the mirror which showsus as to we show we look..It shows both the positive and negative, sides the positive matters can be strengthen while the negative side will have to be addressed at the earliest for necessary corrections.

In the following session, the experts delivered the lectures, Dr. G. Venkateswaram, Dr. P.S. Pandey, and Dr. Rajan Welukar, Vice Chancellor., GHRU gave the elaborative, methodical and educative accounts of quality related issues, diversification issues in higher Agri. Institutions, respectively and measures and procedures to be followed. It was stated that only a faculty or a college or University can be made eligible for accreditation as the case may be. Dr. Welukar dealt with creation of quality culture in Pvt. Universiites. He elaborated on number of relevant issues which are of great importance in ushering the Universities in temple of education, so that the pass out will be capable, eligible and employable student/entrepreneurs. He said GHRU is situated in the heart of rural area away from the cities. It shows the GHRU’s concern for students for the agrarian community bringing higher education facility right in their neighbourhood & making it transformed in modern India.

The post lunch session was kept open for question-answer. The participating of Pvt Universities, there were several issues discussed by the participants such as the authorities matters regarding infrastructure, modular classrooms, equipment’s laboratories, admission, strength of students, crop cafeteria, student faculty ratio, research and teaching facility so & so forth. Hon’ble DDG (Edn.) replied each & every query rose to the every ones satisfaction. A number of misgivings, confusions, procedural matters, irritating issues at the local level or otherwise were discussed thoroughly making the procedure quiet simple to understand.

DDG (Edn.) in his concluding remarks cautioned all the Pvt Agril Universities that all the Pvt/Pub Institution will have to be eligible for accreditation by 2022. He thanks all the participants for attending the event in such a large number. He was very particular to refer the efforts made and the lead role taken by Shri. Sunil Raisoni, Chancellor and Dr.RajanWelukar, V.C. GHRU,(M.P.) for bringing so many Pvt Agril Universities from all over the country on the single platform to share concerns and educate themselves about quality education & importance of accreditation and sparing no efforts to make the event happen with such a grand success.

The programme was conducted by Dr. P.K. Ghosh From ICAR, Dr Kevin Gawali Dean, School of Agricultural Sciences, Dr Vinayak Shivanakr ,GHRU, who personally along with his team took all care and made all out efforts to get so many participants for the event. The programme ended with the Vote of thanks by GHRU, to the dignitaries on the dais and in the house for successful proceedings and all those who directly or indirectly were involved in making the event successful.

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