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About G H Raisoni University


G H Raisoni University, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh has been Established on 13th June 2016 under MP GOV. PVT. UNIV. Act No: 2 of – 2016, under section 2(f) of University Grants Commission (UGC).

The University is taking a shape on around 200 Acres of land. In the very second year, 700 Students have been enrolled in the University for Programs in Agriculture Science, Engineering & Technology, Commerce & Management, Pharmacy and Sciences.

Location of G H Raisoni University

The University is situated in rural area where people are mostly dependent on agriculture. However, as the aspiration of young people to pursue higher studies is increasing, we decided to provide access of higher studies to these young people by establishing a university in which all disciplines will be taught.

The university is located in Dhoda Borgaon, Village Saikheda, District Chindwara, and State Madhya Pradesh. The area is very well connected to two states Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra as the Location is on border of the two states. The university is in center and is on approximate 74 kms from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur, Maharashtra which take 1 ½ hour to reach through well connected road ways.

Saikheda is surrounded by the small villages of Madhya Pradesh. As the basic income source of the villagers is Agriculture, it Germinate crops like cotton, Soybean, Wheat, Split chickpeas (Chana Dal), split pigeon peas (Toor Dal) and fruits like Oranges and Mangos. The region has unit of textile plant Raymond, leading producer of suiting fabrics. The region is also well known due to a popular worship place of Lord Hanuman - Jamsawali.

How we wish to Step Ahead?

How can we collaborate regarding Research and Other experiments to be taken towards the welfare and benefit for the students. !!

As mentioned before, GHRU has tremendous potential and scope of experiments & research. On the basis of which, we aspire to bring win-win situation for all who get associated with.

We aim to enhance the research based learning where collaborative research can enhance the quality of research through exposure to new perspectives on specific research problems and to access to new or different expertise, data, in-kind support services or specific facilities, communities or financial resources.

Considering location of our university, this collaborative research will provide a broad range of expertise and participants, with collaboration between researchers in other disciplines, sectors, institutions and geographic locations. This synergy will surely offer ways to overcome obstacles and manage inescapable interdependencies by making services more accessible and effective.

G H Raisoni University intends to Increase the integration of research results into other sectors (e.g., industry, government agencies or departments, community groups, universities etc.) and offer opportunities to aid the dissemination of results.

Research collaboration can take many forms such as, pairing of institutions, mechanisms to support networks of institutions or researchers, research programs that include a research training component, targeted research, institution building, and informal research partnerships. The partnership will be built on the grounds of understanding and considering the area of interests. All the terms and clear discussions will take place before the execution. No specific burden will be kept on a single entity. In case of there is a difference of expectations prior discussions will take place before finalizing anything.